on the stage of Alexandrinsky
Theatre| 5-6 July


On July 5 and 6, 2015 in St. Petersburg on the stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre the European premiere of the two-act ballet "INFINITA FRIDA" took place. World premiere: 30 August, 2013, Texcoco (Mexico).

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Petersburg choreographer, the soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre Yuri Smekalov by the invitation of Elisa Carrillo Cabrera, Principal Dancer of the Berlin State Ballet, a Mexican cultural ambassador, staged the ballet "INFINITA FRIDA" dedicated to the work of the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The production was financially supported by the Mexico State Government.  The ballet "INFINITA FRIDA" assembled a number of the world best dancers.



Infinita Frida premiere at the Alexandrinsky Theatre – 5 July

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On creation of Infinita Frida ballet

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Infinita Frida: ballet about great female artist has been shown in Alexandrinsky Theatre

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The life of Frida Kahlo will be performed on the stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre


European premiere of Infinita Frida ballet will take place on the main stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre 


The art and destiny of Frida Kahlo will be implemented in a ballet 


About Infinita Frida performance

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Yury Smekalov and Alexander Mayev: Our Frida transformed into a bird. Without Salma Hayek

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Infinita Frida ballet premiere

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On 5-6 July European premiere of a ballet after mexican painter's life will take place in the Northern capital of Russia.

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Infinita Frida in St. Petersburg

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Yury Smekalov on Infinita Frida ballet


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